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Join hundreds of leading brands and retailers engaging millions of customers one-to-one at scale with Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Platform™.

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Learn how Social Annex dba Annex Cloud enables Salesforce Customers to do more with Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud

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Annex Cloud received the highest scores possible in 15 criteria in the Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions, Q2 2021 Report.

All areas that matter most to loyalty marketers, including:

  • .Loyalty Management
  • .User Experience
  • .Execution
  • .Innovation Roadmap
  • .Integration & Partnership
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Loyalty Experience Platform Pricing Sheet


Loyalty Cloud

  • Multi-channel Loyalty Cloud Solution
  • Customizable rules-based engine for points and benefits earning and redemption
  • Unlimited business rules, tiers and campaigns
  • Customizable rewards including coupons, gift cards, products or benefits
  • Comprehensive loyalty member targeting and segmentation engine
  • Liability Management and reporting
  • Gamification
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Standard Edition +
Social & Behavioral Loyalty

  • Track and Reward for Social Connections
  • Track and Reward for Social Mentions
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across the Commerce experience
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across any customer channel
  • Ability to create coalition type loyalty programs through tracking behaviors
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Professional Edition +
Refer a Friend

  • Comprehensive Refer a Friend Module to track referrals to any conversion action
  • Comprehensive rewards for social sharing across multiple social networks
  • Extensive Fraud Protection to prevent mis-use
  • Track and reward any customer behavior across any customer channel
  • Comprehensive referral campaign targeting and segment
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Added to Standard,
Professional or Advanced

  • Paid Membership Loyalty
  • Native Receipt Scanning
  • Extensive Fraud Protection to prevent mis-use
  • Influencer Management drive influencers to acquire new customers and loyalty members
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Product Questions and Answers
  • Visual Commerce
Price as Needed


Annex Cloud delivers configurable loyalty solutions. The price
of each loyalty program depends on a number of individual factors.


Annex Cloud has helped hundreds of leading brands, retailers, and manufacturers boost acquisition, conversion, and retention rates. Download our case studies to read about how we helped these brands hit their goals.

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Partner success is a top priority at Annex Cloud. Our global partners not only enable us to deliver superior value to our customers by developing critical technology integrations, connecting with new customers, and by offering value-add solutions; they also help grow our business in specific vertical markets by accelerating customer deployments, delivering solutions for unique customer needs, and maximizing customer ROI.


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