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Making Instagram Shoppable

Instantly transform your Instagram following into
a high-quality traffic and revenue source.

Bridge Instagram engagement with your ecommerce website to transform your followers into shoppers. Shoppic connects your Instagram profile to a visual gallery and directly to your product pages so customers can easily find and shop products featured in your Instagram posts.

No Development, No Problem

Shoppic doesn’t require any technical resources. All you need to do is place a link in your Instagram bio to start driving traffic and revenue.

A Seamless Process

Shoppic links out to your product pages, so shoppers can get all the details they need, purchase in a trusted environment, and browse even more products.

Track and Measure Impact

Track revenue driven from Instagram and engagement with your Shoppic gallery on a comprehensive reporting dashboard.

Take Credit for Your Hard Work

Get the credit you deserve for delivering eager shoppers to your site and monetizing your social presence.

Fully Adaptive and Responsive

The Shoppic gallery is fully adaptive and responsive to any screen size so your customers have the freedom to shop from anywhere.

Seamless Integration with SIRA

Shoppic is built into our Visual Commerce platform which means your can utilize our proprietary Smart Engagement Algorithm to predict which Visual Commerce assets will perform best.
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