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Omni-Channel Loyalty for Manufacturers

Omni-Channel Customer Loyalty isn’t just for retailers anymore.
Get to know your customers and empower them to choose your brand every time.

Discover who buys your products from retailers both in store and online. Find out what they buy, where they buy and gather contact information so you can connect, engage, and build brand loyalty.

3 Ways to Implement Omni-Channel Loyalty

Loyalty program

Omni-Channel Loyalty App for Manufacturers

Enable your customers to use your exclusive customer loyalty rewards in the retail stores where they buy your products and empower them to choose your brand every time.
  • Customers can use the app to instantly redeem your loyalty rewards instore
  • Real time reward redemption prevents loyalty fraud
  • Real time reporting delivers information about the customers who buy your products in store
  • Customize the app to fit your branding
  • Easy implementation and maintenance, retailers only need to access the retailer app in order to facilitate reward redemption

Instant Rewards for Instore Purchases With Loyalty Packaging

Set yourself apart with loyalty packaging. When your customers purchase your products in retailer’s stores, you can drive them to your website to learn about, sign-up and participate in your loyalty program.
  • Rewards can be delivered instantly after a customer purchases your product and scans the QR code or inputs their reward code
  • Establishes a way to market your loyalty program in stores
  • Connects new customers to your loyalty program
  • Real time reporting lets you know who is buying your products instore
Loyalty Packaging
Online Receipt Based Rewards

Online Receipt Based Rewards

Now you can even reward your customers for purchases they make through a retailer's website with email receipt rewards. When they receive an email receipt they simply forward it on to your rewards email address and instantly receive loyalty points.
Combine all three to create a comprehensive and seamless omni-channel customer loyalty experience.
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