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Social Annex offers a one stop social platform that marries social and commerce to create a customized and fully managed online shopping experience, as unique as you.
we have a product that works

We have a product that works, a rarity that's changing how businesses view and utilize social. We believe that adding social tools can drive real results for eCommerce. Our philosophy is to provide a product that is as unique as your business and tailored to your needs, not one size fits all. We aren't about gimmicks or short term solutions, our goal is to be your long-term social partner. With more social tools than any other competitor, we continue to push for advancements because we've seen the power of onsite social and we want to keep you two steps ahead of your competition.

we're a global team of over 100 strong

We're a global team of over 100 strong, based in the beautiful Marina Del Rey. From karaoke champs, ping pong warriors to sunrise surfers and bollywood buffs, our team brings many perspectives to the table, creating an unparalleled product. We each play a role in giving you the edge because we know that the success of our customers is the only way we can continue to thrive.

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