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Sharing and Referrals


Sharing and Referrals

Social Annex’s Sharing and Referrals program enables you to quickly grow your email database by creating dynamic incentive-based word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. Our solution lets customers share their excitement about your brand and products with their friends across all popular social networks. This excitement brings in highly qualified new customers who, on average, have a 25% higher lifetime value than non-referred shoppers and are four to five times more likely to refer more consumers to your brand.

Tap Into Your Customers’ Social Networks

“92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family more
than all other forms of advertising. ”
- Nielsen

Be Part of Their Inner Circle

  • Reduce cost of acquiring customers
  • Tap into peer-to-peer relationships to gain new and more qualified customers
  • Generate excitement around your brand and products

Refer A Friend

Join The In-Crowd

Refer A Friend provides you with a one-to-one connection with your customers’ friends who are more likely to convert.

Share, Save, and Win  

Incentivize Your Sharing

Share, Save, and Win gives your customers a reason to share your brand and products across their social networks.

Post Purchase Sharing

Leverage Customer Enthusiasm

Post Purchase Sharing enables you to seize the momentum of your customers’ excitement after a purchase.

Your Success Is Our Success

We offer fully managed services including strategy, built in technology and
customization to suit your exact needs.

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