fully managed
From start to finish, we'll optimize every step of the way for the best outcome possible.

We understand that every client has unique shoppers and distinct goals. For this reason, we assign a dedicated team to help create and execute a customized strategic plan for each client. With your goals in mind, we'll develop a social commerce roadmap to ensure maximum social potential is reached.

Client Success Manager

The Client Success Manager will be your main point of contact here at Social Annex. They will guide you through the implementation process, optimize your strategy with best practices and be on-call for any questions or concerns that you might have. They will work directly with the Integration Architect, Social Media Manager and Design Lead to ensure that your social goals are met and your campaigns are succeeding.

Media Manager

The Social Media Manager will evaluate your campaign success, keep you up to date on social innovations and give you constructive feedback on your campaigns. We pride ourselves in being thought leaders within the realm of Social Media marketing and strive to give your social campaigns the upper hand. We use our first hand experience and research to help you maximize the effectiveness of your social investment.

Integration Architect

The Integration Architect will work directly with your IT team to ensure a seamless implementation of Social Annex software. From testing to going live, they will help make sure it all runs smoothly. We'll be there to help you 24/7, to assist with any of your needs.

Design Lead

The Design Lead is here to mold our tools and campaigns to complement the look and feel of your brand. Before each implementation, they will work with you to match the style of your site or stand out, whichever suits your needs. You get the final say before anything goes live.

Decide where, when and how you want to implement social, everything is 100% customizable.
Design to Blend In or Stand out

We will assign a dedicated Design Lead as part of your Dedicated Success Team to create completely customized tools and campaigns to match your site or pop!

Control the Functionality

With admin access, you will have complete control over the duration, placement and overall function of each and every social tool. Decide which contest to run or which rewards to give. Each dashboard is customized and optimize to meet your goals.

We'll do all the heavy lifting when it comes to IT.
24/7 Support

You'll have a Dedicated Success team to help with tool implementation every step of the way. We provide 24/7 support to ensure that all your concerns are addressed and needs are met.

No IT Queue

A majority of Social Annex tools can be implemented with one single line of asynchronous java script code for quick, easy edits and simple implementation by your technical team.

Run programs and create actionable customer profiles that are consistent on every channel.
Access Customer Social Profiles Anywhere

Collect social data on every platform for actionable customer profiles that can be accessed at any point of interaction, online, instore or over the phone. Keep all your social commerce intelligence together in one unified system. The Social Annex API allows social actions to integrate with CRMs, ESPs, customer service software, and even actions at brick and mortar store fronts.

Omni Channel Loyalty

Create unique user experiences and loyalty programs that are consistent across all channels. Display personalized offers, product displays, and loyalty rewards to your shoppers whether they shop online from their desktop, phone, tablet, or at a brick and mortar location.

Shoppers who get the same personal experience and recognition across all channels are more likely to buy into in a loyalty program, and are more likely to become brand advocates.

Mobile Optimization

Reduce fragmentation and provide a consistent social shopping experience no matter what channel shoppers use to interact. Social Annex tools dynamically adapt their look and feel to the context of each shopper so social campaigns will look great and work seamlessly on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Collect actionable data, track ROI, identify Top Influencers, all in one customized dashboard.
Collect Actionable Social Data

Create quality customer profiles with rich data for more informed campaigns, segmentation, and remarketing. Get customized reports for Audience Likes and Interests, Statewide Audience Distribution, Social Demographics, and Customer Value. Discover who your most valuable customers are and their commonalities with the Top Influencer Reports.

Comprehensive Dashboard

View all your reports, customer profiles, social campaigns, tools in one comprehensive place. Log in to make any edits, analyze data or see your ROI.

ROI Driven Analytics

Easily connect each application to dollars and cents. Evolve your strategy based on the relative effectiveness of each social campaign and maximize referral revenue while lifting conversion rates. Measure increases in engagement, repeat rate, referral traffic, and reduction of the cost of acquisition, you can optimize your social strategy to maximize benefits.

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