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How social is ecommerce? infographic
How Social is eCommerce?

See which social strategies marketers are adopting and implementing for 2014, as well as which strategies work.

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10 reasons why social login is best left to social annex infographic
Top 10 Reasons why Social Login is best left to Social Annex

Why use a pre-built SaaS solution for Social Login? Here are the top 10 reasons to opt for Social Annex's Social Login.

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the connected social consumer infographic
A look at the always connected social consumer

Take a look at where your shoppers are spending most of their time online, when they are doing it and which channels they are using to do it.

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the battle of facebook and google+ infographic
The Battle of Facebook and Google+

Discover how Facebook and Google+ measure up to each other and decide which social network is the most beneficial to your brand.

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online retailers guide to 2013 back to school shopping infographics
Online Retailers Guide to 2013 Back to School Shopping

Did you know? 43% said that internet ads would influence their purchase decisions for back-to-school shopping. Find out: Top online back-to-school retailers, social network...

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3 steps to transform customers into lifetime brand advocates infographic
3 Steps to Transform Customers into Lifetime Brand Advocates

Master the art of retention by transforming customers into lifetime brand advocates with customer loyalty programs in 3 steps.

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social phases of brand expansion infographic
Social Phases of Brand Expansion

Expand brand social reach and gain more understanding about your customers through the utilization of social sharing tools in 3 Phases.

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social consumer comparison infographic
Social Consumer Comparison

Find out exactly where your customers are spending their time on social networks and who is most likely to spend money.

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ecommerce marketing in 2013 infographic
Ecommerce Marketing in 2013

See what new strategies marketing teams are exploring, implementing and avoiding.

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social login infographic
Social Login Infographic

Providing a social login option not only makes it easier for shoppers to create a new account it also opens the door for onsite social engagement.

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Social Loyalty Infographic
Social Loyalty Infographic

Increasing retention and repeat rate is a priority goal for most online retailers and social loyalty programs exist precisely for that reason.

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The rise of pinterest infographic
The Rise of Pinterest

Pinterest became the fastest growing social network in 2012, and continues to expand its userbase. It is a powerful and exciting new tool for social commerce.

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social data infographic
Social Data Infographic

As onsite social software becomes increasingly common online retailers are searching for ways to utilize social data from Facebook Open Graph to spot consumer trends...

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social annex shopping trends 2012 infographic
Social Annex Shopping Trends 2012

Social commerce has continues to grow and change, here is some of what we saw in 2012.

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social holiday shopping infographic
Social Holiday Shopping

As the holiday season approaches online retailers are gearing up to take on new social campaigns and sales strategies.

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the rise of e-commerce infographic
The Rise of E-Commerce

Ecommerce marketing is powerful and constantly evolving; the influence of wide spread social media use has made social marketing a necessary investment for online retailers.

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onsite vs. offsite social campaign infographic
Onsite Vs. Offsite Social Campaign

With enormous potential, social commerce is a significant cause of confusion for many online retailers. Broken into its basic parts social commerce is made up of onsite and...

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social research and revenue infographic
Social Research and Revenue

Consumer data gathered in a social context is more organic and specific than information contained in email blocks, research reports or order forms, and as a result is more...

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Social ROI infographic
Social ROI

Social media marketing is quickly becoming a compulsory investment of the ecommerce business model; as with any other investment, companies should be able to monetize...

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social consumer infographic
Social Consumer Infographic

Who is the Social Consumer? What influences the Social Consumer? How does the Social Consumer influence others?

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