Drive qualified traffic and build brand advocates with contests and gamified loyalty programs.

roi centric reporting

Incentive driven referral programs reward your shoppers for advocacy marketing. Shoppers can share with their entire networks or ping individuals who are the most likely to convert, and can be rewarded for sharing or when their referrals check out.

Individual tracking lets you see who brings in the most new revenue, while Referral Reports let you double down on your most profitable referral channels.

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boost lifetime value

Gamified Loyalty programs extend relationships beyond the point of sale and keeps customers coming back for more, more often.

Grow referral revenue, repeat purchases, account creation and social presence with custom actions and incentives. Invest in Loyalty to increase your bottom line.

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screen shot of social annex loyalty program
convert more, collect actionable data

Get new shoppers closer to checkout by making it easy for shoppers to create an account with Social Login. No new username or password, no long forms. Integrate detailed customer profiles into existing automation systems to supercharge remarketing efforts with smarter segmentation and context rich content.

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engage, grow social presence

Open the floodgates with engaging contests. Creative contests, public leaderboards, and big prizes engage site visitors while pulling in new shoppers from offsite.

Onsite and offsite contests make it easy for shoppers to interact with retailers in interesting and creative ways. What type of contest and how you choose a winner is up to you.

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