The Social Annex Value

Flat-Fee Pricing

One-stop Social Platform

You will have access to over 21 different on-site tools such as incentivized sharing, social loyalty programs, social login, and much more. The social landscape is always changing and as your needs change we have tools that will cater to them. And we will never stop innovating and creating new tools and features so we can make sure that you will stay a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Powerful Analytics

Gain intimate knowledge about your top brand advocates and get actionable insights that you can use to supercharge all of your marketing initiatives. You access all of your data through our API and merge it with your existing CRM or ESP. All of the data you collect with our platform is yours, and always will be.

Seamless Integration

Adding a social layer to your site with our platform is as easy as integrating Google Analytics but if your team needs any additional help we are happy to walk you through the integration of our single line of JavaScript code.

Complete Customization

All of our tools and widgets are fully customizable to match the look and feel of your website and brand. We also white label all of the tools down to the API to ensure that all of the data you are collecting is owned by you.

First Class Support and Managed Services

Social Annex provides each client unlimited access to a comprehensive advice and support team. A dedicated client success manager and integration architect will ensure that our platform is successfully and efficiently integrated. We even have social media managers dedicated to helping you navigate through the changing social landscape with best practices and forward thinking social initiatives.

Flat-Fee Pricing

With Social Annex, you will enjoy flat fee pricing on a monthly basis. This enables you to create predictable budgets. Your flat fee is dependent on your monthly traffic of unique visitors. You will have access to our entire suite of tools and can use them as much as you want. We are always developing new tools for you to sell, engage, and learn more about your visitors.

Included in your flat-fee pricing is a three person support team featuring a Client Success Manager, Integration Architect, and Social Media Manager. We make ourselves available to you to make sure your needs are met and that you're seeing tangible results from your social investment. .

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