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We believe that the success of a brand doesn’t merely depend on the value of a customer’s single purchase; rather, it’s about the value that a customer offers over their lifetime.

As part of a unified platform, Social Annex’s Customer Loyalty program is enhanced with Social Commerce solutions that work together to engage, delight, and reward customers. Reward customers for completing traditional actions such as purchasing, as well as for taking social actions such as referring friends, writing reviews, submitting photos, and liking or following your brand on social media. Enhanced Customer Loyalty adds variety to traditional loyalty to keep your customers entertained and engaged, foster stronger relationships, and ultimately increase customer lifetime value.


Build Lasting Relationships

It costs 5 times more to acquire new customers than it does
to keep existing ones.
- DestinationCRM
Creating End-to-End Customer Connections

Creating End-to-End Customer Connections

  • Keep your customers coming back
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Foster brand advocates
With Social Annex Loyalty you will see a 20% increase in average order value (AOV) and a 20% increase
in purchase frequency.

Social Commerce Solutions Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Program

Online Loyalty

Online Loyalty

Leverage The Power of Your
Online Presence.

Online loyalty program gives you a platform to incentivize and reward your loyal customers, extending your customer reach and strengthening valuable relationships

Omni-Channel Loyalty

Omni-Channel Loyalty

Engage Your Customers Through
the Channels They Use Most.

Omni-Channel Loyalty program entices your customers to earn and redeem rewards whether they’re online, in-store or on their mobile devices



Boost Your Customer
Loyalty Program

Complement your loyalty program with goal and action-based games. Excite your customers by creating fun and entertaining incentives driving repeat purchases.

Your Success Is Our Success

We offer fully managed services including strategy, built in technology and
customization to suit your exact needs.

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