Ratings and Reviews Design: Two Thumbs Up for an Intuitive Layout
by Eliza Fisher | September 25, 2015 | Best Practices, Ratings and Reviews, User Generated Content | 0 comments

We recently wrote about which questions and prompts to provide to your customers when they write Ratings and Reviews for your ecommerce site. Once you’ve decided what sort of information they should provide, you’ll need to consider how to display it all. Because this is one of the social commerce products with the most content to sort out, designing an optimized Ratings & Reviews system can seem a bit overwhelming. Your customers likely have a lot to say about your products, and you must thoughtfully organize all their viewpoints, recommendations, pros and cons, and ratings.

Ratings and Reviews: What Information Should You Ask Your Customers to Share?
by Eliza Fisher | September 24, 2015 | Best Practices, Ratings and Reviews, User Generated Content | 0 comments

If you’re considering implementing a Ratings & Reviews functionality on your ecommerce website, you’ll find that there are many aspects to consider. There are so many different questions you can ask your customers and almost endless parameters to consider. From the look of the review template to the authentication methods for reviewers to promotions and re-marketing, there are important choices to make in every step of the process.

Best Practices For Collecting and Managing Visual Commerce
by Carolyn Pace | August 12, 2015 | Best Practices, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, User Generated Content | 0 comments

Today, shoppers no longer look to celebrities and style magazines for advice on what to buy.  Instead, brands are seeking advice from the shoppers on what they should promote.  According to a recent study conducted by social shopping site, Shopa, one in seven women snap selfies trying on new looks before waiting for an average of two ‘likes’ from friends Read more…

Why Brands Should Value the Facebook News Feed Update
by Carolyn Pace | July 9, 2015 | Facebook, User Generated Content, Visual Commerce | 0 comments

As of this morning Facebook announced three updates to users’ News Feed preferences in order to provide more personalized content.  These updates are available now on iOS and be will available on Android and desktop over the next few weeks.  What many brands may not realize is that this is the prime time to pay attention to how they interact Read more…