Our Top 11 Brand Advocacy and Loyalty Articles from 2015

With 2016 merely days away, it seems appropriate to indulge in a look back at what we’ve learned and shared this year. We’ve picked 11 of our most helpful and interesting posts about ecommerce, brand advocacy, digital marketing, loyalty, and social commerce for you to enjoy… 1. “Why US Brands Should Follow China as a Social Commerce Example,” from January 13: Read more…

Soliciting Reviews: Ask and Ye Shall Receive
by Eliza Fisher | October 12, 2015 | Best Practices, Ratings and Reviews, User Generated Content | 7 comments

When your ecommerce or omnichannel retail brand implements a Ratings and Reviews solution, it obviously won’t be of any use unless your customers actually submit reviews. Especially since 45% of customers share negative reviews on social media, compared to 30% who share positive reviews, it’s crucial to get ahead of the curve and get satisfied customers to write reviews. In order to fully reap the benefits of Ratings and Reviews--which include SEO boosts, increased brand authenticity and trust, helpful information for prospective buyers, feedback for merchandisers, and more--you must solicit them.

3 Best Practices For Visual Commerce
by Carolyn Pace | October 5, 2015 | Best Practices, User Generated Content, Visual Commerce, Visual Galleries | 0 comments

Internet users are known to have nearly instantaneous reactions to what they see on their screens. In less than 50 milliseconds, users experience an initial “gut feeling” that help them decide whether they’ll stay or leave. This first impression depends on many factors including structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, and amount of text, fonts, and more. Looking at a brand’s visual gallery is no different. In addition to the aforementioned variables, consumers make their judgments based on attractiveness, likability, trustworthiness, competence and aggressiveness.

Ratings and Reviews Design: Two Thumbs Up for an Intuitive Layout
by Eliza Fisher | September 25, 2015 | Best Practices, Ratings and Reviews, User Generated Content | 0 comments

We recently wrote about which questions and prompts to provide to your customers when they write Ratings and Reviews for your ecommerce site. Once you’ve decided what sort of information they should provide, you’ll need to consider how to display it all. Because this is one of the social commerce products with the most content to sort out, designing an optimized Ratings & Reviews system can seem a bit overwhelming. Your customers likely have a lot to say about your products, and you must thoughtfully organize all their viewpoints, recommendations, pros and cons, and ratings.

Ratings and Reviews: What Information Should You Ask Your Customers to Share?
by Eliza Fisher | September 24, 2015 | Best Practices, Ratings and Reviews, User Generated Content | 0 comments

If you’re considering implementing a Ratings & Reviews functionality on your ecommerce website, you’ll find that there are many aspects to consider. There are so many different questions you can ask your customers and almost endless parameters to consider. From the look of the review template to the authentication methods for reviewers to promotions and re-marketing, there are important choices to make in every step of the process.