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As an eCommerce business, a constant goal is to drive more traffic on site. Every promotion, deal, and sale is designed to bring in more visitors, new and old. But with more competitors entering the marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture your audience’s attention.

Ensure every promotion you do is successful with four things: exclusivity, expiration, excitement, and exposure. Keep these four ex’s in mind when creating any type of promotion to really boost traffic.

1. Exclusivity
Make your shoppers feel special with exclusive deals that are Invite-Only. Let your shoppers spread the love by giving them the power to share these promotions with friends to unlock even more deals. Keep these sales exclusive by making them available to just your shoppers and their friends.

2. Expiration
Give your sale a sense of urgency with limited time offers and expiring rewards. These keep your shoppers on their toes and more likely to spread the word about your sale quickly. Giving your promotion an end date lets your shoppers that these great deals are not going to last long.

3. Excitement
Keep your shoppers excited about your brand by offering amazing deals and surprise promotions. Shoppers stay excited about brands that are fun and reward them for their advocacy.

4. Exposure
And finally make sure that your promotion gets a lot of exposure. Use your email to blast out the deal to all your loyal fans. You’ll be able to motivate inactive customers on site as well as get new referrals and visitors.

Social Annex understands every business’s need to boost traffic quickly. We’ve built Flash Sales in order for you to be able to bring the functionality of deal sites like Groupon, Livingsocial and Gilt in house. With the Flash Sales tool, you’ll be able to get massive exposure quickly on site and on social with these quick-to-build promotions.


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