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11/27 Hannukah
11/28 Thanksgiving
11/29 Black Friday
12/2 Cyber Monday
12/25 Christmas

There it is. THE list of the most anticipated dates of the year. Last year, online Black Friday sales increased 20.7 percent. This year, the National Retail Federation predicts a 13-15 percent spike. That could mean an $82 billion increase.


By now, you probably have your social media marketing strategy in place. Not ready? Hashtags are going to be your new best friend. Hashtags are the easiest way to join a conversation that is already happening on social media. Essentially, adding a hashtag to each social media blast allows consumers to find it. Once they search for that keyword, your post will pop up, even if they were not originally following you. Quick pro tip: Find trending hashtags and include them in every deal or promotion you do from now on. For more basics, see Huffington Post’s infographic here.

Last year, nearly 6 in 10 consumers used smartphones and 41% used tablets to find deals on Black Friday (IBM). Delving deeper, 47% of mobile device users said they would purchase directly from promotions on their device.

Enter Chirpify. They have changed the game to evolve hashtags into #actiontags. Consumers can now purchase products directly in-stream on Twitter and Facebook.

Chirpify, in their own words, “activate #hashtags for instant marketing and commerce conversion.” What does this mean? Instant ROI from social, truly an advantage for social commerce, and something to take note of for the holiday season. With Chirpify, consumers can simply respond to your social post with an #actiontag such as #buy #yourproduct, and Chirpify will process it.

chirpify sale in action

That, my friends, is an #instasale.


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