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Social Media Sharing
by Social Commerce Guru | February 12, 2013 | Social Sharing | 1 comments

Social media has had a big influence on business this year and as Social Media Marketing becomes more and more an accepted part of marketing, Social Media is expected to become integrated more closely with other marketing strategies. Social Media is a place to share and if you are thinking why here are some interesting statistics which will get you out of you chair and put the thinking cap on.

  1. Close to 46% Internet users use Social Media to interact on a daily basis.
  2. Close to 20% users are likely to purchase from Social Media advertisers.
  3.  By 2012, half of the world’s Internet users, 1 billion people, will have a Facebook account.
  4. 5 percent of online shoppers note that Social Media influenced them to visit a retailer’s website.
  5. 2011 saw marketers increase their Social Media usage by close 80%.


With all these figures I am sure you would like to know how Social Sharing has worked over 2011, with all the various options provided by Social Media. There are various interesting facts which we present over here.

  1. The peak hour of sharing starts at 9:30 am EST everyday.
  2. Wednesdays happen to be the peak days for sharing.
  3. Close to 75% of clicks happen within the first day of share and most users click 2 minutes after the content is shared.
  4. Majority sharing happens via copy paste.
  5. The US has the highest sharing density worldwide, while Chad and the Central African Republic have the lowest sharing density.
  6. Sharing by copying URLs directly from the address bar to emails, IMs and other Social Channels can be up to 10 times more than other sharing channels.
  7. The average media site integrated with Facebook has seen a 300 percent increase in referral traffic.
  8. Each day, global Social Network shares generate 2.56 billion page views
  9. In an average week, Social Network shares use 70 terabytes of data,
  10. During the past five years, there have been 1.78 trillion page views generated by Social Network shares.


As it can be seen Twitter leads all Social Networks in the percentage increase of sharing members from launch till now followed by Facebook and Linked In. With close to 80% Social Media marketers using the Social platforms to increase brand awareness and Social Networks adding more features to influence advertisers’ Social Sharing is expected to generate more results in the coming months.



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