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Ways to generate Content
by Social Commerce Guru | June 11, 2012 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


 Content is the key and will always remain; no matter what hence generating excellent content for your brand is crucial. The content available online about your brand does the talking about your company’s reputation and quality of products as mostly in the present day age of information if a person plans to buy a certain product he or she begins the research on the social web to check about the products and the services they provide .its performance, stats, user reviews, delivery and other use and purchase related queries. The content available is clearly seen and definitely affects your company’s reputation and sales.

Writing content for your company profile and social network page is not very difficult in comparison from generating content from others on the network. Testimonials, user reviews, references and other such user or customer feedback help in generating content which will benefit your company immensely.

It has become a challenge to source in content, which is the link between the customers and the company. If the content is good and positive, readers return back and turn into customers. Content can be created by writing in blogs on various topics ranging from public relations to customer service, product support and recruiting. A smart, up-to-date and qualitative content filled blog will definitely support in generating content which is valuable an d beneficial. Apart from blogs and other user feedback and testimonial there are many other ways to generate content.

  • Scheduling blog posts according to topics that support the connection of customer needs and interest with supply of goods and services of the company.
  • Keywords are the most effective of generating content for your brand. Carefully using keywords on social sites and blogs sends out traffic and can be insightful and inform what the users are interested in.
  • Interviews and other seminars can be converted into text form and used as content for your benefit. The questions can be keywords connected with answers which can be interlinked using anchor text to support the SEO of your company.
  • Frequently post in content in form of blogs, widgets, whitepapers or a general post or update on social networks. Social web has a short memory hence staying in the radar does the trick and gives in immense opportunity to rope in new content.
  • Smart work also kind off helps in generating more content. Turning PowerPoint’s into articles, blog posts and even a small Compaq post helps. Email interviews, press releases, reinventing an old post too counts in. Breaking up a huge article into a series of blogs will do the trick.

Content always stays and rules the way you are viewed in the social eye, hence fresh, qualitative and valid literature available about your company will help you significantly in building up your business.


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