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10 Tips to Building a Successful Facebook Fan Page
by Social Commerce Guru | May 8, 2012 | Facebook | 0 comments

Businesses and e-marketers are well aware of the potential of Facebook and have lately realized it better that with just a few minutes invested, they can get their message out to people all around the globe. Facebook accounts for more than 800 million members, hence the kind of exposure it will give to your brand is to definitely think about.

The more fans you have the more chances of getting new customers and business growth along with profit. Here are few steps which might come handy to build a successful Facebook fan page.

  • It is very important to complete your full profile i.e. fill in all your details. An incomplete profile doesn’t give a good first impression and there are chances that the people might find your page as fake and then might completely ignore it.
  • An eye-catching and helpful profile picture plus an organized and wise cover photo is something that can represent your company or campaign, making it easy for friends to recognize you. This is highly helpful in solidifying your brand recognition online to gain even more fans on Facebook.
  • Since the timeline has rolled out, apps are getting more prominent by the day as they are listed in large icons above the posts. They can be used effectively to improve and extend your Facebook fan engagement.
  • Share your content on multiple platforms, apart your community page. The more the content is shared the more people get aware about your brand. Try and encourage your fans to share your content among their circles.
  • Search out for your brand influencers not only on Facebook but even on other platforms and ask them to contribute their views on Facebook as well.
  • A Facebook ad campaign costs as little or as much as you want it to. Run ads on Facebook as the user definitely looks out on the screen and if they find your advertisement attractive, they’ll definitely spare a minute or two to go through it.
  • Social media is absolutely not a one-way street, so you do need to reach out and make connections when it comes to building popularity on Facebook. You must start conversations, ask questions, and respond to people when they talk to you for your ultimate success.
  • Admin panel helps you in managing posts, listing company milestones, tracking analytics and so much more, so you can keep a tab on what kind of an impact your product and posts are making.
  • Linking is also made easy and effective. To add a link to your page, simply select the pencil icon, then choose, “link to the tab”. A link appears in your dialogue box which you can copy and paste on your Wall post. This helps in easily sharing and highlighting your important contents.
  • It’s essential not to get too carried away with the whole promotion that you completely forget about the audience and their views. Don’t just share your own content or spend all of your time promoting yourself as People come to Facebook for a discussion, not a deal.

These are some basic steps that business can use in order to make their Facebook page more interactive. Let us know what your thoughts are and what else we can do make Facebook page’s more interactive.



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