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How to create the Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing
by Social Commerce Guru | December 2, 2011 | Social Media Marketing | 0 comments

Twitter-Facebook-BlogSo you are wondering what this is all about ? Well the answer is, it’s just thought that came to my mind after a discussion with my friend. He was discussing with me as how at his work place they were focusing on Social Media Tools to get more potential customers for their product. He was telling me “We have Facebook fan page for our customers on Facebook, Twitter account where we give updates and a blog site where we  are speaking on the product, so what more to do to attract more visitors ?”.  Well the answer is simple manage the three properly and you have created your Holy Trinity. Let’s try to understand the importance of managing these three Social Media Tools for marketing success.


 1) Twitter

Twitter is probably the tremendous marketing tool available today for brands if used properly it can help you to

  • Drive People to your website.
  • Help you monitor your brand and understand what people are saying about your products.
  • Promote events, webinars and campaigns.
  • Establishing yourself as a leader in your vertical.
  • Generate new leads for your brands and know what your competitors are doing.
  • Update your customers about various new products.

2) Facebook

               Facebook is the place where we all know most of the people spend their social life in todays world, so if your brand is not there you are making the biggest mistake.

  • If managed properly Facebook can help you in understanding where your product is going and what audience you should target.
  • To connect with your customers and potential customers.
  • Create a space for people interested in your service or product to talk to you and to others.
  • You can set up your own store within Facebook and start driving business right away.
  • With the Facebook insights you could work on much better content for the audience that you are targeting and gain the maximum output.


 3) Blog

                  A blog is the most powerful ways to grow your business. A blog is about that extra personal connection which  you are providing to your loyal customers.  A blog enables you to attract new customers, build brand awareness and compel more prospective customers to buy from you. There are also great Search Engine benefits when using a blog, due to its dynamic nature it could be the perfect way to take the traffic to your website and to your social pages. Blog is way you retain your customers on a deeper level than a Facebook Page or a Twitter account. Your blog can make your customers and keep them coming back if you have the right type of articles. You can also have an option where potential customers can sign up for your newsletter.

 So now that we have known the secret of the Holy Trinity of Social Media Marketing some of you might be wondering out of the three which is more important, well to get the most out of the new Social Media Marketing trends, it is best to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, and lead them to your blog. Just to site an example to this look at Pepsi they have their Twitter, Facebook Page, and their blog all prominently displayed on the first page of their website. If a brand like Pepsi is doing then ask yourself why not us ?

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