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Facebook Brand Page Insights : Do Not Overlook
by Social Commerce Guru | December 2, 2011 | Facebook | 0 comments

Facebook recently made changes to its pages insights, providing more information for brands to monitor their online success. If you have been overlooking the insights on a Facebook page then its time for you to have a look at the insights details of your page. The vital information over there can assist you in better quality engagement and understanding the core audience that your page attracts. So let’s try to understand the insights.


Important Metrics

Facebook-Insights-Important Metrics

This is the first part of the insights to the Facebook page, keeping a check of these metrics gives you a idea on how good the engagement is going on from the content that was put up and the discussions that are made on your page. You can to choose the duration period in which you would like to view these metrics, either daily or weekly. Lets have a look at each of them:

  • Total Likes is nothing but the amount of people that have liked your page The number beside the percentage is calculated from the date period you have chosen or will automatically show the past weeks percentage of the likes or non-growth of likes on your page, you can view the date period by hovering over the percentage number.
  • Friends of Fans shows your potential reach of the friends of people who have liked your page. This again, will change, as your page likes increase or decrease.
  • People talking about this metric means any type of interaction amongst or about your page within a defaulted or chosen period for example tagging, likes, comments etc.
  • Weekly Total Reach displays the week’s total amount of people who have seen associated content regarding your page, this may include any ads or sponsored stories pointing to your page.

Insights Overview


Facebook-Insights overview

Insights Overview basically displays a graphical picture of your page influence based on the content your page, engage more and receive more feedback. This allows you to measure your overall impact and reach.


Page Posts

FACEBOOK Page and Posts

This will help you in providing improved and better content to your audience so that you can have a good connection with your audience by posting similar content. It basically shows the date your post was posted, the title, how many people engaged on that post by clicking or commenting on it. It also has a tab known as Virality which indicates the percentage of people who have created a story from your content by sharing it with others.


Demographics and Locations


This tab plays the most useful resource in targeting your market audience. As the name suggests it gives you demographics and locations about the people who have liked your page. The demographic data will only be collected if thirty or more people are discussing about your page within the last 7-days proceeding the last day of your selected date range. This data can be used for a variety of your marketing needs, including campaigns and you can decide how active you need to be within your targeted market.


 How People Talk About You


This basically displays a graphical data of how people are talking about your page by story type. The viral reach graph highlights the amount of unique people that saw a story that the people who have liked your page then shares with their profile.




Exporting Data

You can always export the insights data by choosing the type of data, the format and the date range of exported information. There is a time frame, so if you need to export data for any reason, do so on a regular basis.

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