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Learn how Social Media sells Chocolates
by Social Commerce Guru | December 1, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Experts affirm chocolate as an aphrodisiac, while some others believe it to be bestowed with some magical antioxidant powers and some buy it in bulk to fight a bad mood but in general chocolates are not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious to taste.

Majority of the people have kind of a deep, emotional connection towards chocolates. Going by statistics United States is one of the largest consumers of chocolates around the globe, accounting a whooping figure of $13 billion spent on chocolates and they continue soaring high ever since 19th century when gifting chocolates started to popularize.

Of late chocolate making companies are modifying their traditional marketing ways and trying to connect with their consumers in a more personalized, conversational and transparent manner. Social media platforms are helping out in narrowing down the channels through which people can find about them and connect alluring them to their delicious products.

Each chocolate company has its own Twitter account, Facebook page to its credit through which they keep their consumers updated about their products, discounts and even interact with them learning about their views. For instance

›     A certain company tweeted “Which is your favorite truffle?” and got responses from their fans immediately giving them an idea about the kind of flavors their consumers like.

A well calibrated social media strategy irrespective of the limited budget can make online product sales successful. Social media is an excellent platform for launching a new product, just post Tweets or Updates about the product, new launches and offers it informs all the consumers and not only gets a sizable bump in the online sales but also brings in quick bulk orders occasionally. It saves time and boosts sales.

Social media campaigns post product related information regularly about a certain brands: monthly specials, weekly dessert specials, awards, sandwiches of the day, new products and creations, special store hours for holidays, and special events, discounts. This step is crucial as it holds the consumers attention offering incredible opportunities for the business to grow.

Apart Twitter and Facebook, blogs and YouTube are important social platforms that are focused upon. Using Videos and Blogs and then posting them within a well connected Twitter campaign or Facebook community helps in emerging well in the market full of competitors.

A few chocolate experts have been serving our taste buds with variants of chocolates and amazing quality creations.

@ HERSHEY’S KISSES – are the chocolate desert experts. They provide Chocolates ranging from under $5 up to $25 above keeping in account the prospective customers’ budget. Personalized chocolates are available online. Their Twitter page provides a forum for conversation for chocolate lovers as well as the sharing of unique chocolate recipes , product updates and their insights into the chocolate making process.

@Godiva Chocolatier – has been in business since 1926.Those are pure Belgium chocolates which melt in your mouth ranging from chocolate truffle to Godiva gems, milk assortments and even biscuits to coffee. The Twitter feed is full of product updates and is updated regularly about new introductions and discounts.

@ LCChocolatescreates wholesome, natural and organic chocolates. Huge collective flavors of chocolates are available according to the festive season and they even provide seasonal delights. A chocolate lovers club brings in old school handmade chocolate at your doorstep.

@ Chocolate Chocostyle – is renowned for its customized chocolate collection: stilettos, makeup kits, bag shaped chocolates.A variety of flavours and discounts makes it popular among its consumers.

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