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Planning Out Social Media For The Holiday Season
by Social Commerce Guru | November 28, 2011 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


I am sure by now you would have started planning out on how to go about with your Social Media Marketing for the holiday season, but let’s not forget that just like you the person that you are targeting has also started planning out on how he wants to shop for the holiday season? So let’s first try to understand on what the end user wants this holiday season. Here’s what we believe most of the end users are looking for this holiday season.

  • To start of with the one thing that most of the people would like to avoid is going to crowded stores where you are getting pulled around.
  • The option of exciting number of discount offers online is one more thing which has got the end user to go online.
  • Time saving and Money saving is another reason for users to go online.

Basically what this means for you as an online retailer is that you have the best chance of getting your sales chart rocketing into the sky.  One of the crucial things that brands need to keep in mind is that, although people may not make immediate purchases, they are definitely doing their research online before deciding to buy; which is why we recommend you to be one step ahead. Here are some quick tips which should hopefully help you in planning out your Social Media strategy for the holiday season.

  1. Use Social Media Monitoring tools to find out if you need to change the marketing strategy for your brand; what Social Media channels are popular with the end user, what particular demographic is your product going to be a more successful.
  2. Start early so that you can be successful instead of just waiting for the holidays to come. This way you are one step ahead of your competitor.
  3. Keep a check on your competitors so that you can position yourself for any last minute problems and understand where you stand in the list.
  4. Time your deals with the key dates so that you can increase your sales. Black Friday for example is famous for online shopping.
  5. Creating a good Facebook or Twitter page for the holiday season is one way to attract customers.
  6. Apart from the discounts and special offers, add some benefits like getting early access to sale prices, hassle-free delivery of purchases and free shipping. Although consumers are willing to pay the full price for the product that they want, they consider high shipping costs to be one of the hassles that prevent them from making an online purchase. One way would be to a) offer free shipping on all orders, but for only limited periods or during the holidays or b) offer this service only to repeat customers and those who make purchases exceeding a certain amount.
  7. In order to stand apart from the race the one thing that you need to do is be creative and think differently then what others do. For example a creative digital campaign could be the difference maker for your brand.
  8. The modern consumer is always on the go for faster access and more importantly less time consuming ways and the one thing that everyone uses today is mobile phones to achieve this, as a marketer make it convenient for the end user. Here’s what we recommend a) Create mobile friendly websites for your brand and include all the required information in an easy-to-navigate format. Tailor your marketing messages for the mobile channel by keeping in mind text-limitations, mobile capabilities and handset variations into account b) Give the option for customer reviews and provide map directions to locate your store.

These tips should help you in going ahead with your Social Media Strategy for the holiday season; the choice is between staying one step ahead and getting left behind. With a little smart planning and proper preparation this should be easily achievable.

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