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Google Plus: Facts and Figures
by Social Commerce Guru | November 9, 2011 | Uncategorized | 1 comments

So I am sure most of you who are bored with Facebook are all looking for the next Social Platform which is going to the change the way we all interact once again and the one name that strikes now a days more than often is Google+.

Google+ is social networking service operated by Google. Even though Google+ has been out now for a few months only, it has started making waves across the web and has given other Social Networking services a run for their money and for the users a wider option to think about. As I said it’s not been much that Google+ has been there, so when you compare it to Facebook and Twitter you may find it no where but the fact that they are gaining a boatload of users each day is good enough to consider it as a success. So lets have a look at some interesting stats for Google Plus.

  1. Google+ was launched in a invite only testing phase on June 28, 2011. This was suspended the next day itself due to a raving demand for accounts.
  2. There are currently 26-30 Million active registered Google+ Users and this is just the start.
  3. Out of the total population 68.1% is male and 30.9% is female population.
  4. Google+ cost to build was $585 million and 500 working employees.
  5. 38.37% visits on Google+ is by adults between the age of 25-34.
  6. Majority of Google+’s traffic comes from Google services alone.
  7. Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco are the most paramount locations driving traffic to Google+ than any other place globally.
  8. Top 3 Countries that are represented on Google+ are United States (55%),India (18%) and United Kingdom (3%).
  9. Top 3 professionals on Google+ are Developers (17%), Teacher (15%) and Designer (14%).
  10. Top 3 Companies on Google+ are Google, IBM and Infosys.
  11. Experts expect Google+ to be number two Social Networking platform by the end of the year beating Linked In and Twitter.
  12. Top 3 people who are followed on Google+ are Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg, and Britney Spears.

The thing to be seen is whether Google+ will be able to capture major portion of Facebook’s market.The things that we have mentioned here may vary as we need to remember that Google+ has just started and the startup figures may not be exactly accurate. One of the reason’s for only 28% female population on Google+ seems to be lack of Games on this platform. Development is still under progress and it is expected that these options would be included very soon. However what will be interesting to see is, How far will this new social network go?

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