Marketing with UGC: Squeeze Your Content to the Last Drop

Here at Social Annex we don’t like to waste things. Whether it’s a water bottle, a paper bag, or precious user generated content (UGC), we’re all for reusing and recycling. When you have hundreds of inspiring pictures up in your Visual Commerce galleries or thousands... read more

User Photos Best Practices: Are You Using These 4 Strategies to Get Visual Commerce Content from Your Customers?

Whether they’re selfies, #OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures, or tantalizing shots of brunch dishes, images from Instagram and other social media platforms are much more effective in inspiring and enticing consumers than traditional stock or catalog photos.

At this point, the question isn’t whether or not to utilize user generated pictures; rather, it’s about how to best solicit, find, acquire, moderate, curate, and display these images.

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Ratings and Reviews Emails: When to Pull the Trigger

As you’re guiding your customers through the process of writing and publishing a product review on your site, you’re going to need to remain in communication with them. Unsurprisingly, email is the preferred method of contact for these sorts of messages. You should set up several different kinds of triggered emails to automatically notify customers of pivotal updates in the process of writing this helpful user generated content.

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Maximize Your Customer Loyalty Program

There’s no doubt the popularity of loyalty programs has consistently been on the rise with a reported 3.3 billion customer loyalty memberships in 2015 and a 26% increase in memberships reported since 2013. However, the flip side of that growth, is actual consumer... read more

The Top eCommerce Sites of 2015

Internet Retailer recently announced its list of top ecommerce sites. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 4 out of its 5 highest-ranked performers do extremely well with younger crowds. How did the team at Internet Retailer come to their decisions? A simple look at the following... read more

Looking for an Answer: Incentivizing Customers to Contribute to Your Questions and Answers Platform

When you have a Questions and Answers platform on your site, it’s worthless unless you actually get people to, well, answer the questions. Over 50% of millennials utilize user generated content (UGC) to inform their purchase decisions about major electronics, cars, major appliances, and more. Furthermore, UGC like Questions and Answers or Ratings and Reviews is a huge factor in SEO: 25% of search results for the world’s 20 biggest brands are links to UGC. So, in short, you need to capitalize on this kind of content.

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Four Keys to Amazon’s Marketing Success (and How to Improve Them)

On Thursday, Amazon went down for 20 minutes and lost an estimated $3.75 million. Of course, though, compared to the roughly $100 billion it generates in sales in a year that’s chump change. There are a million and one reasons why the retailer sees revenue like... read more


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