Our Top 11 Brand Advocacy and Loyalty Articles from 2015

With 2016 merely days away, it seems appropriate to indulge in a look back at what we’ve learned and shared this year. We’ve picked 11 of our most helpful and interesting posts about ecommerce, brand advocacy, digital marketing, loyalty, and social commerce for... read more

Maximize Your Customer Loyalty Program

There’s no doubt the popularity of loyalty programs has consistently been on the rise with a reported 3.3 billion customer loyalty memberships in 2015 and a 26% increase in memberships reported since 2013. However, the flip side of that growth, is actual consumer... read more

Marketing with UGC: Squeeze Your Content to the Last Drop

Here at Social Annex we don’t like to waste things. Whether it’s a water bottle, a paper bag, or precious user generated content (UGC), we’re all for reusing and recycling. When you have hundreds of inspiring pictures up in your Visual Commerce galleries or thousands... read more


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