• With the most capable product suite, we serve billions of social applications monthly with more eCommerce customers than anyone in our space.
  • The only complete social commerce solution that gives eCommerce players the best of social - engagement, actionable data, ROI focused analytics.
  • Create seamless, customized user experiences across every channel, optimize and implement best practices with enterprise grade support.
luxury brand

As a leading brand, you want to engage fans and grow your community. How can you capitalize on user generated content to build brand awareness, expand social reach, and increase visibility, all the while collecting and utilizing social data? Start by identifying and activating your top influencers with tools like Social Login, Social Galleries and UGC.

activate your top influencers
pureplay online

You’re a bona fide eCommerce force and you want your social investment to yield huge results. Incentive driven referrals and gamified loyalty programs will bring in more shoppers and a big boost in customer lifetime value. Bring in droves of qualified shoppers with creative Contests and make sure they convert with a Social Login. Detailed customer data will allow you to double down with more informed remarketing.

drive traffic and convert
instore & online

You serve customers in store, online and beyond. Referral, Sharing and Loyalty programs maximize the lifetime value of your customers and identity management creates a consistent personalized experience. Social Contests maximizes social reach, bringing in new customers and driving traffic. All social tools are easily integrated with existing customer management systems, creating seamless experiences across every channel.

expand your social reach
Business to Business

You are in it for the long haul, striving for partners, not just customers. Referral, Loyalty, Ratings and Reviews, and Social Q&A, programs grow your customer value over time and Social Login ensures a personalized experience for a unique onsite experience. Your main interests are retention, acquisition and conversions, our social platform will make it happen.

Turn customers into partners

Making your online presence big, informative and convincing keeps your customers loyal while you continue to grow.Social Login, curated user galleries, and loyalty programs make each customer more valuable, reinforcing your brands image to grow market share.Relevant content powered by data collect from social network APIs create unique and personalized online experiences that surprised and delight fans and new visitors.

expand your social reach
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